Imagine a Relationship Where You Have No Direct Contact . .

 .   .   .   . everything you know about them is from another person.

And some of what you hear, despite people being sincere, is not correct.

So some of your perceptions are not correct!

The hardest part is that people only talk about your friend once a week.  SO you know bits and pieces but there are huge gaps of what you know about them.

In the beginning, this seemed odd, especially when it is described as a “relationship.”  But as time went on, and it seemed like this is the way most everyone is doing it  .   .    . it became “normal.”

It Is simply NOT normal with any person on earth!!!!!!!

      EXCEPT for our “relationship” with God!

Reading Scripture and conversing with God on a regular basis, is what to me is engaging in the relationship.  Certainly, there is a relationship if you’ve responded to God’s love gift of salvation, however, does your relationship with God  match the description above?

Without God

Very often we try to carry on our lives and practice our “Christianity” without a relationship with God, and wonder why our lives are so . . . .


The aim of this blog is to help you have a relationship with God and people.  For now, we’re focusing on God. God has revealed Himself in Scripture and I’m hoping to challenge you to take the journey into knowing Him.  As you have a relationship with God, see His big heart in action through the accounts of people who came before us, you get to fall in love with Him all over again, as he breathes life into you and authors life, joy, peace in your heart.