Finding A Relationship With God in THE DAILY BIBLE

Approximately 11 years ago, a pastor of the church I attended  waved a brochure in the air from behind the pulpit and said, “As a congregation, we should all read through the Bible this coming year using this brochure.”  I already had my own reading program for Scripture but I looked and his brochure and quickly decided, Nope, I’m not doing that.  

The following year he tried again, this time with a popular blue and yellow daily Bible, still on the market today.  I reviewed this Bible and concluded that, Yes, I would read this Bible through in a year.  

The following year, I determined that if I was going to read the Bible through again in a year, I wanted a chronological Bible.  That year, about 9 years ago, I began reading:

 The Daily Bible In Chronological Order, 365 Daily Readings, New International Version, with Devotional Insights and Commentary by F. LaBarge Smith  

And I never turned back!

This page is dedicated to comments on the daily reading of The Daily Bible.   What a chronological Bible does is rearrange Scripture into a historical, chronological sequence.  The resulting text reads like a novel and is very dynamic.

Reading the Bible through in a year allows us to see the BIG PICTURE, the scope of God’s working throughout time.   



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