God’s Plan Unfolding

Mea Culpa (It’s my fault) —  I’m sad that so early in the process, I missed a significant amount of text.  For those of you who are prayers, please pray for me to write and keep up with what I set out to do.  That said, let me begin again!

Abraham, Isaac & Jacob —  Scripture hyperfocuses on the main point of the writings: God’s plan to remedy people’s sin.  God promised Abraham that he would bless him and nations would come out of him.  One of those nations “God’s chosen people,” were to be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years (Gen 15:12-16), but that they would “come out with great possessions” and return to the land of the Amorites. God consistently takes evil and uses it for good for His people.

Egypt, Moses, Aaron and the Tabernacle

So, I missed discussing with you, the Israelite nation being formed in Egypt, the plagues and God “bringing them out” of Egypt “with great possessions” as God had said; God choosing Moses and Aaron to lead; the giving of the law to Moses; and the building of the tabernacle by artisans gifted by God to craft the tabernacle as God prescribed its architecture and function.

Every feature of the tabernacle showed  that God is holy and the cost of sin is high before a holy God.  The details of the tabernacle, furniture and process of worship is radically different that our worship today.  In place of offerings of dollar bills and coins, Israelites were to bring unblemished animals to sacrifice, atoning (covering) their sin, a process that foreshadowed Jesus Christ FINAL sacrifice for sin; Jesus Christ the sinless, Lamb of God, who paid for our sin through His sinless life, death, burial and resurrection to allow us to be reconciled to God.  For a more complete explanation see: http://bible.org/article/soteriology-doctrine-salvation.

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